Design and Customisation Service | Rugged Keyboards and Trackballs

Design and Customisation

Unique solutions for specific situations – what we do best...

 To do any job well and efficiently, you need the appropriate tools – and if the device isn’t right, you’ll be wasting valuable time and effort.  That’s not something we’d find acceptable for ourselves, so it’s not something we’d try to push on our customers.

In close partnership with our manufacturers, we can offer our clients a multitude of customisable options and configurations, and if you still can’t find it, we’ll design something new for you.  Dynamic collaboration to get the end product exactly right is one of the most important aspects of our customer relationships.

development process

The Custom Development Process:

  • Complete our online RFQ to outline your requirement and request a quote.
  • Evaluation of request by the FB Peripherals technical team.
  • We may at this stage require further information from you.
  • FB Peripherals issues a formal quote.
  • Upon acceptance of the quotation, a working prototype is produced for approval.
  • Once the prototype is approved, a production schedule is agreed and full production initiated.
  • Timely delivery of your completed order.
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