Snap-in-Place Fully Rugged Jumpseat Keyboard for the FZ-G1 Tablet

The IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 iKey keyboard, specifically designed to attach to the Panasonic FZG1 Tablet.

Main Features

  • Fully Rugged Keyboard
  • Snap on keyboard for Panasonic FZ-G1 tablet
  • Provides Screen Protection for FZ-G1 Tablet
  • Green Backlighting
  • 1x external USB 2.0 port
  • Resistant to Dirt, Dust, and Spills
  • Improved Latching Mechanism


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The IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 iKey keyboard, specifically designed to attach to the Panasonic FZG1 Tablet.

The V5 is improved from previous models, designed with a more robust latching mechanism which provides increased docking strength while reducing wear and tear on the keyboard. The new latching mechanism now locks and secures the keyboard to the tablet and does not require a key of any kind. This model specifically includes Green backlighting and 1x external USB 2.0 port.

This rugged keyboard is resistant to dirt, dust and spills. It is rated IP54.  Splashes of water and most liquids will have no harmful effect.  It is made of industrial silicone rubber.  The keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard with integrated touchpad.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer iKey
Country of Manufacture United States
IP Rating IP54
Number Of Keys 88
Function Keys 12 Keys
Key Material Silicone Rubber
Pointing Device Touchpad
Backlight Green
Case Material Robust Metal Case
Mounting Options Clip On
Interface Options USB
Vibration STANDARD: MIL-STD810G 514.6, OPERATIONAL: 2 cycles/ Axis (1 Hour/Cycle) 10 to 500 Hz NON-OPERATIONAL: 2 cycles/ Axis (1 Hour/Cycle) 20 to 2000Hz
Power USB: 35mA@5V (from CPU port)
Compatibility Panasonic FZ-G1 tablet
Temperature Range STORAGE: -40C to 75C (-40F to 167F) OPERATION: -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
Weight 2.1 lbs +/- 0.10 lbs (0.95 kg +/- 0.05 kg)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions 243.332mm x 277.876mm (9.58 inches by 10.94 inches)
Certifications CE, RoHs
Model Number(s) IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5


The iKey IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 is used in a wide range of industries for a broad range of applications. The most common applications for the IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 are listed below-

Typical Applications for the iKey IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5

  • Field Services
  • Hazardous Environments
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Tablets
These are just some of the applications for the iKey IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 in various industries. The potential applications extend further than those shown above. For further information about the iKey IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 or to check if the product is suitable for you application, please contact us.



The iKey IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 has a 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials from the date of shipment, (unless a different period is specified in an agreement between FB Peripherals and the customer)

To obtain service under this warranty, the warranty-eligible product, iKey IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 , must be presented to FB Peripherals Limited in the UK.

For further information on the above or for repairs and service outside the scope of warranty, please visit the Warranty and Repair section of our website.



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