High Specification, Contact-Less Optical Trackball

This state of the art high-specification optical trackball uses patented optical technology, providing a robust, back-of-panel mount waterproof trackball, with a variety of electrical output formats, variable friction controls and sealing to IP68 / NEM

Main Features

  • Solid State Sensing Technology
  • Sealing To IP68
  • Smooth Operation In Rugged Environments
  • Vx3 Integrated Zoom Feature
  • Optional Stainless Steel Bezel/Protective Shroud
  • Self Draining And Back Flushing Features (Optional)
  • USB & PS2 (Auto-Select) Or Sun Systems

Cursor Controls

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Utilizing the latest and most advanced tracking technology, the O38 Series Trackerball™ is an extremely high specification, contact-less device, ideal for the most demanding of cursor control applications.

O38 Series optical trackballs are available with a variety of electrical outputs, variable friction controls, and sealing options to IP68.

The solid state design allows the device to be subjected to extreme conditions and provides the user with the ability to wash down, decontaminate, and sterilise, making it the ideal trackball for a wide range of demanding applications and environments.

The O38 Trackball unit has been designed to be back of panel mounted as part of OEM keyboards and consoles.

Technical Specifications

To request a technical specification / data sheet for the Cursor Controls O38 Trackball, please click on the pdf icon below.

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The Cursor Controls O38 Trackball is used in a wide range of industries for a broad range of applications. The most common applications for the O38 are listed below-

Typical Applications for the Cursor Controls O38 Trackball

  • Colour Correction Consoles
  • Custom Keyboard Applications
  • Industrial Consoles
  • Marine Systems
  • Medical Systems
  • OEM
These are just some of the applications for the Cursor Controls O38 in various industries. The potential applications extend further than those shown above. For further information about the Cursor Controls O38 Trackball or to check if the product is suitable for you application, please contact us.



The Cursor Controls O38 Trackball has a 18 Month Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials from the date of shipment, (unless a different period is specified in an agreement between FB Peripherals and the customer)

To obtain service under this warranty, the warranty-eligible product, Cursor Controls O38 Trackball, must be presented to FB Peripherals Limited in the UK.

For further information on the above or for repairs and service outside the scope of warranty, please visit the Warranty and Repair section of our website.



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