Markets We Serve

Specialist peripherals for extreme challenges...

FB Peripherals offers specialised products and focused technical support across a range of unique markets.  We have a wealth of experience in servicing the needs of and providing the best solutions for clients in aerospace and defence, alternative energy, emergency services and the medical sector.

Our Markets

  • Automotive and Transport

Out on the road, in the depot, the garage or the office, the peripherals you use have to up to be the job. A hard environment requires rugged equipment that can withstand dirt, dust, oil and grease, water and extremes of temperature. We carry an extensive range of vehicle mountable keyboards and tracking devices - just let us know what you're looking for.

  • Alternative Energy

For clean tech, energy creation, harvesting and distribution applications FB Peripherals can supply a full range of functional devices from market-leading manufacturers.  Our technical experts can advise on the most suitable products for your needs and tailor complete solutions.

  • Communications

In today's fast moving business environment, we all rely on being able to communicate instantly at both a local and global level. If you're in business servicing the communication needs of others, you'll need equipment you can rely on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We can supply you with both on-site and off-site peripherals that will offer all the functionality you require and be able to withstand the heavy use you'll put them to

  • Industrial OEMs

For original equipment manufacturers we can supply a range of rugged input and output devices that will be up to the job.  Sealed keyboards and pointing devices that are fully dustproof and waterproof to withstand the rigours of the manufacturing environment, while our technicians can design customised devices for unique solutions.

  • Emergency Services

When the job you do can be a matter of life and death, your personnel needs equipment they can rely on.   Our peripherals are of the highest quality and built for the toughest environments – and are backed up by outstanding technical support.

  • Kiosk and Public Access

For peripherals that can take the knocks and bumps of open access, you’ll need something extra tough and easy to clean.  We can recommend keyboards, pointers and displays that can take all the public will throw at them.

  • Material Handling

Tough, mobile, waterproof, dust and dirt resistant, or wireless, we can provide the ideal peripherals for use with material handling.  Tell us what you need and how you’re going to use it and our technicians will come back with the perfect solution.

  • Military and Defence

Whether on exercise or on the battlefield, military hardware faces the ultimate demands.  Tough, dustproof, waterproof and reliable, our peripherals our mobile and durable – fit for purpose, day and night, whatever the challenges.

  • Laboratory

In clean room and laboratory environments, the peripherals you use need to be waterproof and able to withstand frequent cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants. Cross-contamination is a real risk and staff need to be protected from chemical and bio-hazards. Our peripherals have been designed with durability and easy cleaning in mind - the safe choice for a lab environment.

  • Healthcare and Medical

Cross contamination in healthcare environments is an ongoing challenge, so we can supply peripherals that are fully submersible and easy to clean and disinfect.  Add to that toughness and reliability, plus ease of use, and you’ll see why our solutions are a top choice for healthcare establishments such as hospitals, surgeries, dentists and care homes.

  • Hazardous Areas

We can provide specialist peripherals that comply with Class 1, Division 1 (intrinsically safe), Class 1, Division 2 (nonincendive) and MSHA for use in the most hazardous zones.  For long-term durable use in environments of extreme temperature, dust, debris, rain, sleet or snow, ours are the most reliable products on the market.

  • Oil and Gas Exploration

Prospecting for hydrocarbon in the field requires the toughest equipment available. Rugged peripherals are a must - dust, dirt, water and extreme temperature will play havoc with consumer-grade computing equipment. We can supply you with a full range of IP rated and NEMA 4x certified peripherals - and we can customise to suit your needs.

  • Pharmaceutical and Food Processing

For food processing and pharmaceutical plants, cleanliness is absolutely essential - and that includes computer peripherals. Traditional keyboards are dirt traps where bacteria fester - instead, these applications require fully-sealed water- and debris-proof equipment that can withstand intensive cleaning agents while offering top-flight performance.

  • Security and Surveillance

Security and surveillance is big business - and people's safety could be hanging in the balance if your equipment lets you down. Out in the field, on the road or back in the office, you need high-tech rugged peripherals that are reliable and fit for purpose. If you have special requirements, we can customise a wide range of equipment to suit your needs.

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