Rugged and Ergonomic Trackball DP-TB-50New iKey® Trackball is Rugged and Ergonomic: - iKey®, the world’s premier innovator of rugged computer peripherals, is proud to present the new cccc utilizing the latest and most advanced laser tracking technology. The DP-TB-50™ is iKey’s most innovative and user-friendly trackball design to date, yet it maintains the rugged reliability that customers demand.


The DP-TB-50 is an extremely high specification contact-less device, ideal for the most demanding cursor control applications. The laser tracking engine provides accurate cursor motion at all speeds, and the high reliability of solid state sensing (no moving parts except the ball) means continuous operation even in challenging conditions.

DP-TB-50 Main Features

  • Fully Sealed Ergonomic Trackball
  • Laser Tracking Engine
  • ABS Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Phenolic Resin Ball


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