Two keyboards that can take the heat

In a hazardous environment consumer-grade computer peripherals will simply add to your problems—and if you're working in ATEX zones where there are risks of explosion, you definitely need keyboards that are certified as suitable. iKey has designed and produced a range of extreme keyboards that, as well as being FM-approved for ATEX zones, are virtually indestructible and tamper proof.


When explosion is a potential workplace hazard, iKey has the solution


ATEX zone 0 refers to environments where there is a potential for explosion, such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industry plants and installations, while ATEX zone 2 specifically defines locations where explosive gases may be present. Both of these zones present their own particular challenges as working environments and making sure that you select appropriate equipment is paramount—not only to ensure you have peripherals that function properly but also for safety considerations.


iKey's two DT-102-SS-XX-AT keyboards fit the bill perfectly. The AT0 has FM approval for use in ATEX zone 0 areas, while the AT2 is approved for ATEX zone 2 areas. Both are remarkably rugged as the cases are constructed out of industrial-grade stainless steel and fully sealed to protect against the intrusion of moisture, dirt and dust. These two really are practically indestructible and have the added advantage of being tamper-proof as well. Add to that the ability for customization—you can include integrated pointing devices, specify the case colour and size, add branding, labels and logos and change the mounting options—and you have a stunningly versatile yet completely reliable keyboard.



Outstanding specifications

These two amazing keyboards simply don't compare with consumer-grade keyboards. They're tough enough for any environment, while maintaining the versatile functionality and ease of use that have made iKey so successful across all their keyboard ranges.

  • Industrial-grade stainless steel case and key switches
  • Integrated touchpad and 10-key numeric keypad
  • FM approval for ATEX zones 0 or 2
  • 100% humidity resistant
  • Dirt and dust resistant
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems
  • Range of customizable options



Suited to the most testing environments

The DT-102-SS-XXX-AT0 and -AT2 have been produced to perform in the harshest working environments where there could be a risk of explosion. This makes them eminently suited for use on industrial and manufacturing sites, in mining and down-hole environments and in oil, gas and energy industry plants and installations—as well as anywhere else where the conditions would preclude the use of consumer-grade peripherals.


The DT-102-SS-XXX-AT0 and AT2

Keyboards for working at the edge




ATEX Keyboards

ATEX Keyboards

More Information

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