For moments when your tablet needs to be a laptop!

Take a look at how the innovative BT-80-TP can use Bluetooth® connectivity to transform your tablet into a fully-functional computer


When you're working out in the field or on the factory floor, a tablet is usually the most portable option—and today's tablets offer most of the functionality of a full-size computer, after all. However, they're not the greatest option if you need to input data, write a report or send a lot of emails. Typing on a touchscreen is nobody's idea of fun! On the other hand, who wants to carry a laptop and a tablet when they're out and about?


A rugged keyboard that you can attach to your tablet when you need added functionality is the ideal solution—and the BT-80-TP rugged tablet keyboard makes the ideal partner to enhance your mobile effectiveness. This innovative keyboard is Bluetooth®-compatible and if your main device has an internal Bluetooth® radio, you won't even need a USB dongle to make the connection. It's the quickest and most convenient way to achieve full input functionality for your tablet.


Key Features


The BT-80-TP may be compact but it's bursting with features that will enhance your mobile productivity and make it the first choice for working out in the field.


  • Fully sealed ABS polycarbonate case which meets IP68 / NEMA 4X specifications
  • Resistant to dust, dirt, ice, water, humidity and corrosive substances
  • Waterproof and submersible, ideal for marine applications
  • Can be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants and will withstand industrial wash down
  • Temperature resistant between -20C and +60C
  • Industrial silicone keypads with tactile mechanical snap key switches
  • Adjustable red LED backlighting allows for use in poor conditions
  • Integrated touchpad
  • Battery life of up to three months depending on use, with LED low-battery warning light
  • Sealed micro-USB charging point maintains the integrity of the sealed unit
  • Dongle-free Bluetooth® connectivity with a range of up to 30 feet
  • VESA mounting pattern and optional magnetic mounting to allow for use in vehicles and on medical carts
  • Weighs only 1.2lbs or just over half a kilo - won't weigh you down
  • Available for use with most tablets and devices with Bluetooth connectivity




In other words, this keyboard's small, light and rugged - take it wherever you want and it will operate in the harshest of environments. It's suitable for a wide range of industries, including military and aerospace, emergency services, distribution and warehousing, food processing and production, manufacturing, hospital and healthcare settings, laboratories and clean rooms, marine and energy industries and for in-vehicle use. In fact, anywhere that would be unsuitable for a consumer-grade keyboard.


The BT-80-TP Bluetooth® Keyboard

Makes your office mobile



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