Functionalise your tablet in the field

The BT-80 is the latest addition to iKey's expanding line of rugged tablet accessories and makes the perfect choice for enterprises which need enhanced tablet utility in harsh field conditions.

Nothing can beat a tablet for portable computing, particularly for organisations working in harsh, rugged or less than ideal conditions. However, there are times when a little more functionality is required - for example, for data input or typing at speed. To have the best of both worlds, the addition of a wireless keyboard that can withstand the same rigours makes perfect sense. Operatives have the choice of using their tablet in the conventional way or connecting to it with a Bluetooth enabled keyboard to radically enhance its capabilities.

The BT-80: Key Features


In the BT-80, iKey® has developed a remarkable tool that will find favour across a wide range of users in different industries, including healthcare, military operations, materials handling, construction, heavy industry, public safety and commercial fleet applications.


Key design elements include:

  • Fully sealed keyboard - completely waterproof and submersible
  • Dust and dirt proof - suitable for use outdoors and on construction sites
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows the keyboard to be used up to 30 feet away from the tablet
  • Rechargeable, withup to two months' use on a single charge
  • LED indicator warns when battery is running low
  • Sealed micro USB charging point, providing easy access while maintaining the integrity of the sealed unit
  • Integrated hotkeys to match your tablet operating system, providing high-speed functionality with familiar keyboard shortcuts
  • Three levels of LED backlighting to suit varying conditions, adjustable at the click of a button - ideal for in-vehicle and nighttime ward use
  • Backlight automatically powers down after 10 seconds of inactivity to preserve power
  • Rubber keys for enhanced operative comfort
  • Keys and ABS polycarbonate case compatible with hospital-grade disinfectants for effective cleaning
  • Able to withstand industrial wash-down and extreme temperatures ranging from -20C to +60C
  • The compact design is less than one inch thick - ideal for use in confined spaces
  • VESA pattern on back for easy mounting on vehicles or medical carts
  • Available in black or medical white


The iKey® BT-80 is available in three versions:

BT-80-01 for iPad - configured for use with the Apple iPad, integrated hotkeys allow users to search, return to home screen, control volume, review photos, lock the screen and access the on-screen keyboard at the touch of a button.


BT-80-02 for Windows 8 - with its one-touch pairing process and operating system-specific hotkeys, this is the best keyboard for Windows 8 tablets.


BT-80-03 for Windows/Android - with hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts configured for Android tablets and tablets running Windows, the BT-80-03 offers enhanced functionality for rugged environments.

It's the ideal Bluetooth keyboard for iPads, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung tablets; also available in the iKey StreetCase for rugged tablet protection.

The iKey® BT-80
Take your tablet to another dimension

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