First Choice for the Emergency Services

In an emergency situation it's important to be able to rely on your equipment. During a fast response, sending and receiving data can make all the difference to a successful outcome. Consumer-grade computer equipment may not be up to the job—if it's vulnerable to dirt, moisture or extreme temperatures, there's always a chance it'll let you down when you need it most.

It's essential to have kit that measures up to the most extreme demands you're likely to face. You need the new IK-TR-88-911-TP.


iKey has developed the IK-TR-88-911-TP keyboard with the emergency services firmly in mind. This is a brand new Transformer Keyboard that users can have full confidence in—both in terms of its rugged capabilities and its versatile functionality. With built-in high-speed USB hubs and modular options, the TR-88 can accommodate a wide variety of customized configurations—in other words, it represents the universal solution in mobile keyboards. Furthermore, it has been designed to fit into existing mobile mounting systems, so introducing it across your fleet will require no costly adjustments to your current mountings.


Small Keyboard - Big Features

The IK-TR-88-911-TP packs a lot of punch for its diminutive size, with a wealth of features that will give your mobile computing full functionality—it's like being able to take your office out on call.

The main features include:

  • 88-key functionality with 12 dedicated function keys
  • Integrated keyboard backlighting to enable use in poor visibility and at night
  • Integrated touchpad—plus one-touch emergency key
  • Industrial silicone rubber keypads with tactile mechanical snap key switches
  • Standard mobile mounting holes
  • Fully-sealed rugged keyboard casing, resistant to dirt, dust and moisture
  • Operable within a temperature range of -20C to +60C
  • Less than a kilo in weight

A reliable on-call partner

This is a mobile Transformer Keyboard that was designed specifically to be of use to the police, fire and medical emergency services. Additionally this means that, as well as being appropriate for civil fast response services, it will also find applications in the military and in industrial, mining and energy vehicles and field operations. Its key selling points—versatility, functionality, strength and usability—will win it users over the widest possible range of demanding conditions.


The IK-TR-88-911-TP

The keyboard you can call on in an emergency



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