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Studies show that hospital keyboards can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses if they are not cleaned regularly. iKey partnered with healthcare professionals to design liquidproof medical keyboards that can be easily cleaned with hospitalgrade


Approved Sterilization Methods:

  • All Hospital Approved Disinfectants - Effective for removing germs and bacteria (such as Virex or Cavicide).
  • 10% Bleach Solution - Effective for removing blood and other contaminates (such as Dispatch or Clorox Germicidal Spray).
  • 70% Ethanol Solution - Effective for removing E. coli and other contaminates (such as Microzone, SaniHol or STER-AHOL WFI).
  • Allow all disinfectant solutions to stand 10 minutes before wiping down.
  • Massage solution between keys with cotton balls.
  • Soap and water solutions are not sufficient to remove bacteria.


Research and News

iKey medical keyboards were tested for infection control at Ball State University’s Biology Department. Contaminates
ranging from MRSA to Hepatitis C and E.coli were applied to the keyboards.

A 10% bleach solution was then applied to the keyboards with a cotton swab and allowed to sit for 10 minutes before wiping.

Dr. Richard Bellaver, who conducted the study, concluded “this testing discloses that iKey devices are easily decontaminated with readily available commercial disinfectants. Additionally, iKey equipment is very rugged and is well-suited for use in the medical community.”


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