iPad Protection: Keep it Safe on the Site

The iKey® StreetCase™ for construction professionals

Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, a project supervisor or other construction site professional, involved in erecting buildings or assembling infrastructure, you’ll know that the world of construction has become infinitely more complex with the advent of CAD and the ever-evolving technologies used in every aspect of building today. If there’s any managerial, technical, organisational or supervisory element to your on-site role, you’ll also know that mobile computing is an essential adjunct to the job.


But computers and building sites don’t mix, do they? Or at least they didn’t used to, until the introduction of the iKey® StreetCase™: rugged protection that will turn your iPad into a laptop.


Your on-site portable office

Far more portable than a portakabin, by putting your iPad into an iKey® StreetCase™ you’ll be able to carry your office with you, wherever and whenever you’re on site.  Whether your involvement is in design and engineering or site safety, scheduling, logistics, budgeting or staffing, having instant access to the information you need to get the job done is critical.  An integrated Bluetooth keypad with iPad specific hotkeys will transform your tablet into a laptop in an instant. Consult plans, check schedules, email suppliers and take notes on the spot – with the added functionality the StreetCase™ offers, you can become more effective and more efficient in every aspect of your work.


Protection in a harsh environment

Construction sites are not the particularly technology friendly: you need protection for something as delicate and valuable as an iPad.  The iKey® StreetCase™ offers rugged and enduring protection for when you need to take your iPad into the harshest environments.  The tough ABS polycarbonate outer shell will protect your iPad from shock and vibration, dirt, dust and debris, extreme temperatures and moisture - when the case is shut it can even be fully submerged in water. Think of it as a hard hat for your computer.


Who needs the iKey Street case?

  • Quantity surveyors
  • Architects
  • Civil engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Project managers
  • Civil estimators
  • Building services and M&E engineers
  • Building code and planning inspectors


Key features of the iKey® StreetCase™

  • rugged protection for iPad 2, 3 or 4
  • fully sealed polycarbonate case protects iPad from total submersion in liquid
  • suitable for use in harsh environments
  • high durability protection from dust, debris, moisture and liquids, shock and vibration, and extreme temperature
  • integrated Bluetooth compatible keyboard with adjustable backlighting
  • sealed to NEMA 4X/IP65 standards
  • transforms iPad into laptop and enables heavy data input
  • customised rails and VESA mounting pattern allow for easy docking
  • with a 10 second automatic shut off to preserve battery life, the keyboard will work for several months on a single battery charge
  • integrated iPad hotkeys on the keyboard for intuitive use
  • holds iPad at 115° angle for ergonomic viewing


The iKey® StreetCase™ offers an innovative design solution to both protect and improve the functionality of the Apple iPad - take it anywhere, do anything, get the job done.


For more informationabout the Ikey StreetCase™ please visit our website by following this linkhttp://www.fbperipherals.com/streetcase.html