IPad protection: keeping it safe on the streets

 The iKey® StreetCase™ for the police

In these cash-strapped times, most police forces are both trying to curb costs and waste less police time on bureaucracy and paperwork. The more time each police officer spends out on the streets rather than in the office, the safer those streets will be. So it makes sense to harness new technology to this productivity drive - and Sussex Police have done just that by issuing frontline officers with tablets.


But while your iPad might act as a weapon in the war against crime, it needs its own form of protection when it’s out on the beat. Say hello to the iKey® StreetCase™: rugged protection and enhanced functionality.


Sussex sets a precedent

Faced with having to cut 500 frontline police officers to save money, innovative Sussex Police are issuing 50 of its officers with iPad-style tablets.  It’s a trial that may be rolled out across 3,200 policemen and women if it proves to successfully boost productivity. The tablets will be used to fill out crime reports and take witness statements on the scene of any incident. The officers will have instant access to email, custom-made police applications and the Internet.


Street-proofing with a StreetCase™

In the words made immortal by Sergeant Esterhaus of Hill Street Blues, “Hey, let’s be careful out there!”  But things can get rough and if you’re working on the frontline of policing with a delicate bit of technology, you’ll need to protect it.  This is where the iKey® StreetCase™ can come into play.  This tough and durable polycarbonate case offers rugged protection from dust, dirt, debris, high temperature, shock, vibration, impact and moisture; once it’s done up in the StreetCase™, you can even submerge your iPad underwater.  Fully lockable, the StreetCase™ also makes it easier to carry with its tough handle or optional shoulder strap.


Multifunctionality – StreetCase™ will enhance your productivity

When it comes to inputting data or taking them statements, this StreetCase™ has the added advantage of turning your iPad into a rugged laptop. The fully sealed Bluetooth compatible keyboard has adjustable backlighting for use in poorly lit locations, and it features integrated iPad hotkeys for speedy and intuitive functionality.


 Hard to beat for the beat

The iKey® StreetCase™ packs a whole raft of features to protect and enhance the functionality of your iPad.

·         Offers protection and laptop capabilities in one device

·         fully sealed ABS polycarbonate case protects against dust, dirt, debris and moisture

·         completely waterproof when closed, even to the point of submersion

·         protects against shock, vibration and impact

·         insulates against extreme temperatures at either end of range

·         integrated keypad allows for data input and statement taking

·         Bluetooth compatible keypad, complete with LED backlighting for use in poor conditions

·         case sealed to NEMA a 4X/IP 65 standards

·         iPad hotkeys for intuitive use

·         integrated VESA mounting pattern and internal rails make docking easy

·         keyboard 10-second automatic shut off allows several months battery use on a single charge

·         suitable for use with iPad 2, 3 or 4



New technology is revolutionising the way our police do their job on the street. Combining an iPad with them iKey® StreetCase™ frees up hours of time that would otherwise have been spent behind a desk - and the more time our police spend out on the streets, the safer they are for all of us.


For more informationabout the Ikey StreetCase™ please visit our website by following this link http://www.fbperipherals.com/streetcase.html