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Product Repair

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The products we distribute are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are reliable. However in the unlikely event that a product needs repair or a service, we request that you to send the item(s) in question to us for investigation along with a valid RMA number. Our in-house technical repair team is dedicated to resolving product issues quickly and efficiently. In most cases, within 24hours.

The following procedure outlines the process for returning product for service or repair.

1. Please download and complete our RMA Form and email it to or by fax to (0)844 509 0955

An RMA number must be issued to receive service or repair on your product. When requesting an RMA number, the following information must be provided:

  • Serial number of each product being returned
  • Brief description of the problem for each product
  • Purchase date and invoice reference number
  • Contact name and contact address (if different from invoice)
  • Return address

2. Once you have submitted the above information, you will then receive an e-mail of your recorded RMA number. Please send the product(s) in its original packaging or other sufficient packaging to protect from additional damage, and send prepaid to:

FB Peripherals Limited
Alva House
Valley Drive
Kent, DA12 5UE
ATTN: RMA#__________

Please keep a record of your RMA number for any future reference.

3. Once the unit has been received by us, our technical team will evaluate and pinpoint the problem. If there is any difficulty in determining the exact trouble with the product, a member of our team will contact you to troubleshoot the problem or further collaborate until a solution is found.

4. If there are any charges required for the service or repair you will be notified by phone or e-mail. Products that are not under warranty will NOT be serviced or repaired until payment is received by either a purchase order or a credit card.

5. Once a service or repair has been successfully carried out, we will return the product(s) by the same shipping method in which we received it.

6. Should you have any questions or require further information on the above, please contact us

Please note: products shipped to repair without an RMA number will be delayed in being processed and may be returned without being repaired or serviced.


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