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Technical Support

Technical Support

All our customers have access to free online and direct technical support

It doesn’t matter how good or reliable the product is – if you don’t get the right level of technical support you could be left floundering.  Having access to technical expertise for advice and guidance is as important as having all the right components in the box.  For us it’s a non-negotiable – part of every deal.

Direct support

Direct support

If you phone technical support at FB Peripherals you’ll get through to one of our technical experts.  They know your product inside out – and back again.  That’s because we’ve not only employed the most qualified and experienced technicians on the market, but we also insist that they go on learning and exploring and challenging every product in our range.  Sound like geeks?  When they fix your problem, you’ll think they’re genius!

 Our technical support covers:

  • Advice on selecting the best product for your application
  • Provide technical specs and information on compatibility requirements
  • Devising best evolving solutions for changing scenarios
  • Solve ongoing technical issues

For technical support or for questions regarding any of FB Peripherals’ products and services, please contact us or call (0)844 509 0955and speak to a technical member of our team.

Technical support is available from 9.00am - 5.00pm UK time, Monday – Friday.

Please have your product part number and serial number to hand for technical enquiries.

Online support

Online Technical Support

  • Product Listings and Datasheets

You will find basic technical information in the product listings on our website, including datasheets, technical drawings and troubleshooting guides



  • Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided some answers to the most frequently asked technical questions regarding our products and systems in the FAQ section of our website

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